Pacific Project Management Business Recruiting agencies in the UK setting a standard for social engagement

Recruiting agencies in the UK setting a standard for social engagement

Recently the LinkedIn’s list of Most Socially Engaged Recruitment Agencies of 2018 was released. This revealed the recruitment agencies with the highest level of social engagement in England and Wales for the second year running. The 2018 top 25 most socially engaged Recruitment Agencies have a domination of the ranking globally. These UK firms hold 40% of the large global ranking as well as 80% of the EMEA medium category. As it is evident now, these agencies continue to pave the way in matters of social engagement.

The domination that has continued reflects the significant work by staffing firms. These have done great in integrating social media into their strategies. One also sees the importance of social platforms in successful brand creation. As you consider RPO recruitment you might want to engage any of these most engaged staffing agencies. It took a lot of subjects and stakeholders to come up with the list. The compiling of the list is determined by an extensive analysis of the interactions between firms, consultants as well as LinkedIn members. Over 575 million members on LinkedIn were engaged together with 38,000 staffing firms and 260,000 consultants.

LinkedIn considered the social selling index, its talent brand index, and content marketing and other range of metrics while contributing to the listing of top RPO recruitment agencies in the country. As per the findings, it is now evident that over the past 4 years, for the second time in the country, a UK-based Page Group has the highest levels of social engagement of all large recruitment agencies across the world.

Top 10 most socially engaged large companies (GLOBAL)

Majority of the agencies ranked at a medium category are located British and 20 out of the 25 top firms in the EMEA are UK-based. This is also in the rankings. Take a look at the rankings of top ten most engaged recruitment agencies. Currently, the Top 10 most socially engaged medium enterprises (EMEA) are:

1 Page Group (UK) 2 Hays (UK) 3 The Adecco Group (Switzerland)
4 Robert Walters (UK) 5 Randstad (Netherlands) 6 SThree (UK)
7 Manpower Group (US) 8 Robert Half (US) 9 On Assignment (US)
10 Morgan Philips Group (France)

The Director of global search, staffing and RPO recruitment at LinkedIn EMEA in the UK Steve Lewis commented on the great year the UK recruitment had had. He said that the year had been great for recruitment as they continue to lead the way in social engagement. The competition for talent rages on and with the UK having over 24,000 recruitment agencies, it is hard to stand out in such a crowd. At this point, the social media changes a lot by putting the recruiters at an enormous advantage since it facilitates engagement and attraction of candidates as well as new business leads.

Here are the top three tips for social engagement:

– Build relevant, interesting content capable of enriching the members’ feed. This will assist your firm to stand out.

– Start relevant/ meaningful conversations in industry groups which will increase engagement with members – learn more from others as you contribute – or take a step further and begin a new group for discussing hot topics

– Inspire your employees to get on social media and engage in their own professional communities. Steve believes competitions around InMail engagement can be very effective.

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